This year’s Copenhagen Energy Infrastructure Forum marked a significant milestone in our journey towards a sustainable energy future. The forum’s 10th edition was a celebration of collaborative efforts in shaping the EU’s net-zero energy infrastructure. We are excited by the progress made and the exciting path ahead as we continue to innovate and invest in a resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure for Europe.

These two days have been full of interesting presentations and insights into the progress and challenges facing the energy transition. From hydrogen to anticipatory investments and grids, this year’s Forum showcased the impressive work of the many policy makers, regulators, and industry leaders in advancing the way towards net-zero.

We would like to congratulate DG Energy on a successful 10th Forum and thank them for their continued support of CSEI. A special thank you this year goes to Catharina Sikow. That you for your loyal cooperation with CSEI! We would also like to thank The Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities for their hard work in co-organising this Forum. It is an honour to have the leaders of the European energy community here in Copenhagen, and we appreciate their dedication to making this Forum a success. Last but not a least a big thank you to all of our partners being here with us.