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Christine Brandstätt, Leonard Göke, Manuel Llorca, Alexandra Lüth, Jens Weibezahn

The scenario building and energy system modelling are at the core of the TYNDP process. The main outcomes regarding infrastructure gaps and cost-benefit evaluation, as well as the usability and acceptance by the manifold stakeholders rely heavily on a suitable design of these features. The recast of the TEN-E regulation has strengthened the mission to reflect energy systems integration and the Energy Efficiency First principle adequately and ambitiously in this process.
In view of these challenges, the TYNDP methodology is set to advance along with the state of knowledge on scenario building and energy system modelling. This document presents the STEERS methodology for improving the network planning process. We present a set of building blocks to enhance streamlined European energy infrastructure development. These are based on academic literature on scenario development and state-of-the art energy system modelling.

Tim Schittekatte, Alberto Pototschnig, Leonardo Meeus, Tooraj Jamasb, and Manuel Llorca

The European Green Deal calls for a revision of the TEN-Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 347/2013). In this Policy Paper, we assess the experience with the implementation of the TEN-E Regulation and how it can be revised to align it with the new full decarbonisation objective.

This research has been carried out by the Florence School of Regulation and CSEI.