Are you interested in the principles of energy economics as well as the challenges and trends within the energy sector?

Consider the elective courses that the Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure (CSEI) offers to both undergraduate and graduate students!

As a European research centre at the Department of Economics at CBS, CSEI delivers expertise and new knowledge within energy infrastructure in close cooperation with stakeholders from the energy sector, the European Commission and society at large. CSEI analyses tomorrow’s energy infrastructure from an economic-policy point of view, to ensure a successful transition based on volatile and largely renewable energy sources.

Education in the field of energy research is also part of the mission of CSEI. The educational portfolio aims to teach studentspart of the mission of CSEI. The educational portfolio comprises the following topics: 

  • Energy Economics: Markets, Systems, and Regulation  
  • Energy Policy 
  • Environmental Economics 
  • Resource Economics 
  • Regulatory and Network Economics: Focus on Energy


Undergraduate Courses

Sustainability and Business: Energy Markets, Competition, and Regulation

Introduction to the energy sector, its players and structures. Discover the driving forces of the green transition and the economic principles that govern energy policy.

Graduate Courses

Minor in Energy Economics & Policy

Energy Economics, Markets, and Policy

Dive deep into energy economics for a sustainable future. Discover the driving forces of the energy sector transformation. Master economic tools for energy business and policy.

Energy System Economics and Modelling

Uncover the main component of a low-carbon energy system. Develop analytical skills for energy system challenges. Quantify solutions for the energy transformation and assess them critically.

The Energy Industry in Transition: Markets, Innovation and Strategies

Delve into sustainable energy challenges, economics, and regulation. Navigate the complexities of energy innovations and theories. Apply theoretical insights to real-world innovation strategies.

Energy Economics and Policy

Introduction to the energy sector and its business models. Understand the most relevant policies, regulations and strategies along three exemplary case studies in a short summer course.

Advanced Topics in Energy and Environment

Examine local, national, and global challenges related to energy, its nexus with other sectors, and the impact on the environment. Gain knowledge on advanced issues at the forefront of the policy debate in the context of the green transition.

Minor in Energy Economics & Policy

This minor gives you the opportunity to have a second specialisation in your degree. It is designed to prepare you to understand the main energy and related environmental challenges for the economy and business. This minor is a bundle of three electives (7.5 ECTS each) that can be chosen separately, but if taken together, reward the minor. You will

  • Learn how the energy sector works and who is involved.
  • Discuss pathways to decarbonise the way in which we supply energy.
  • Understand the regulation and business aspects of the energy sector.
  • Meet experts and practitioners from the energy sector in guest lectures.
  • Have the option to participate in field trips to energy sites.

More Information

Download the information folder on the minor.

Thesis Supervision

CSEI offers supervision of energy-related Bachelor’s and Master’s theses.

Possible topics include:

  • energy/green transition
  • energy policy
  • climate and energy
  • energy systems

Possible methods include:

  • business economics
  • energy system modelling
  • efficiency and productivity analysis
  • econometrics

Please get in touch with a CSEI faculty member if you are interested in writing your thesis with us.