The challenges in the emerging energy sector present an increasingly complex energy system. The future development and operation of the sector will need to balance and align the objectives and interests of business, economy, and societal interests. This complexity will continue to evolve in the context of changing market conditions, new business models, new technologies, new regulatory practices, the growing importance of societal acceptance, and thus the roles and interactions of the main actors in the sector. In this changing context, the role of market design, competition, economic regulation of networks, and consumer interest is critical and needs to be constantly revisited and adjusted. Digitalisation is also emerging as an enabler in this new setting and is expected to incentivise efficient behaviour and the materialisation of opportunities for business and society.

CSEI focuses on policy-relevant research and analysis to generate new evidence, perspectives and methodologies in the above areas. The research areas under this theme include:

Market design, competition, and network regulation

  • Fuel poverty
  • Energy efficiency and rebound effect
  • Social acceptance and consumer behaviour
  • Digitalisation

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