Research: Topics of Interest and Projects


The Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure (CSEI) conducts research on tomorrow’s energy infrastructure from a techno-economic policy point-of-view to ensure a successful transition toward a new sustainable European Energy Infrastructure.

CSEI is a European research centre at CBS’ Department of Economics and delivers expertise and new knowledge as well as education within energy infrastructure in close cooperation with stakeholders from the energy sector, the European Commission, and society at large. CSEI is directly supported by the European Commission (DG Energy) and qualifies the discussions at the Commission’s annual Copenhagen Energy Infrastructure Forum.

In general, CSEI presents four main research areas with each one being based on several competencies that are to be maintained and developed along with the further evolvement of the research centre by carefully selected personnel, well-placed research dissemination, and strong project collaborations.

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In addition to these topics, CSEI also hosts research seminars as well as conducts larger-scale research projects. Check out our seminar schedule as well as the larger projects we have ongoing: