Philipp Ostrowicz (left) Oana Lange (centre) observe while Tooraj Jamasb (right) signs the Pact for Engagement

Yesterday, we had the privilege of hosting a workshop on Stakeholder Engagement in Brussels, where experts and thought leaders came together to explore the critical topic of stakeholder engagement in the energy sector. As we navigate the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy grids, involving diverse stakeholders is paramount.

Here’s a glimpse of what transpired during this insightful workshop:

  • We delved into the next generation of European stakeholder engagement activities. From policy frameworks to practical implementation, we dissected the strategies that will shape our energy future.
  • Understanding the objectives, processes, and best practices for involving stakeholders is crucial. Our speakers shared their expertise, emphasizing the need for collaboration and inclusivity.
  • Stakeholder engagement isn’t without hurdles. We explored the roles of project promoters, regulators, and communities. Meaningful dialogue is essential for sustainable infrastructure development.
  • Success stories and effective tools were at the heart of our discussions. From case studies to innovative approaches, we learned how to make stakeholder engagement truly impactful.

CSEI Signs the European Commission’s Pact for Engagement. We proudly affirmed our commitment to stakeholder engagement. We encourage all participants to do the same. Together, we can drive positive change.

We would like to thank our speakers Christine Brandstätt (CSEI), Alexandra Lüth (CSEI), Oana Langa (DG Energy), Kristy Louise Rhades (ACER), Andrzej Ceglarz, PhD (Renewables Grid Initiative), Lene Lindstrøm Olsen (Energinet), Roman Picard (CRE), and Christian Dobelke (TenneT). And a big thank you also to all our participants for your engagement and insights.