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In the Project “A Methodology for Implementing Smart and Efficient Energy System Integration” (STEERS) CSEI assesses the methodology of the ten-year network development planning (TYNDP) against the state of knowledge on sector integration and system modelling. The TYNDP process is evolving continuously in order to support the European decarbonisation targets and to align with the latest changes in European legislation. By proposing incremental and pragmatic changes, the project aims to contribute to a coherent TYNDP methodology that supports the delivery of a smart and efficient integrated energy system incorporates energy system integration and energy efficiency throughout.
As part of this endeavor, we have compiled a draft methodology for the TYNDP exercise. This draft has been presented and discussed at a project workshop in October and has been revised based on the initial comments received. We invite further comments and feedback from all interested parties in order to improve the draft further. To get in touch please send an email to the project manager Christine Brandstätt ( The next step in the project will be to test and ideally verify the feasibility of the suggested methodology.

You can download the current version of the draft methodology here: