Photograph from the Nordic Hydrogen Valleys conference. Presenters sitting at a long table while addressing the audience.

The Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure recently participated in the “Nordic Hydrogen Valleys Conference” held on October 4 and 5, 2023, in Iceland. This conference, organized by Nordic Energy Research, was designed to investigate the implications of the energy transition on the development of hydrogen value chains and energy hubs in the Nordic region. 

Tooraj Jamasb, Anne Neumann, and Johannes Giehl represented CSEI and presented the Nord_H2ub project in a session alongside Sigrid Lædre from the NordicH2ubs projects. The Nord_H2ub project is focused on establishing hydrogen value chains for the Nordic region and aims to create a pathway for the development of energy hubs in this area. 

With the Nord_H2ub project, CSEI aims to consolidate knowledge from research and industry partners from Denmark, Finland, and Norway. The insights gained from these regional partnerships will be elevated to a global level for the maritime sector. The project is slated to run until 2026, but its findings are expected to have a lasting impact, with the aim of contributing to a functioning hydrogen value chain in the Nordics. 

The conference featured insightful presentations from five projects that are part of the Nordic Hydrogen Valleys as Energy Hubs programme. These presentations were followed by constructive panel debates among the project partners. The active participation and insightful comments and questions from attendees throughout the day underscored the significant interest in opportunities for cooperation and further synergies in the Nordic hydrogen sector. 

In addition to attending the conference, participants also had the opportunity to visit Hellisheiði Power Station, a geothermal park. This visit offered an opportunity to learn about Iceland’s geothermal energy production and its potential for future development. 

The discussions held in Iceland provided valuable insights into how others perceive the opportunities and challenges associated with establishing a Hydrogen grid in the Nordics. The “Nordic Hydrogen Valleys as Energy Hubs” program is an initiative aimed at establishing hydrogen value chains and energy hubs in the Nordics. This program seeks to create a sustainable future by promoting clean energy production and reducing carbon emissions. It is anticipated that this program will have a significant impact on the Nordic hydrogen sector by creating opportunities for cooperation and synergies between different projects. 

Overall, CSEI’s participation in “The Nordic Hydrogen Valleys Conference” was deemed successful. The conference provided an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas and learn about new developments in the Nordic hydrogen sector. 

For those interested in learning more about the Nord_H2ub project or CSEI’s work with Hydrogen, additional information can be found on the project website