CSEI has released a new policy brief “Pivotal Questions for the Market Design of a Hydrogen Market” by Johannes Giehl (CSEI) and Maike Kalz (TU Berlin). The brief tackles the question of a suitable market design when implementing a hydrogen market. It raises seven questions to be answered concerning the potential final market considering different scenarios for the upscaling of the hydrogen economy. 

You can read the policy brief here: https://research.cbs.dk/en/publications/pivotal-questions-for-the-market-design-of-a-hydrogen-market

The seven questions address the following aspects:
– National Approaches and Market Compatibility
– Alignment of Target Market with Infrastructure Development
– Impact of Use of Hydrogen Derivatives on Trading Volumes
– Standardization and Harmonization

The policy brief is based on analyses of the market design options by Johannes and his former colleagues at the Technische Universität Berlin, Nicolas Niedrig and Philipp Jahnke: https://research.cbs.dk/en/publications/market-design-options-for-a-hydrogen-market