Over the last two days we were guests at our partner, the port of Rønne, to have our kickoff for the Nord_H2ub Project. Thank you very much Maja Bendtsen and her colleagues for hosting us while we discussed the challenges and role of ports in the energy transition. 

This project aims to link academia with practice, and the kickoff of the Nord_H2ub project was an excellent opportunity to explore the potential of the Nordics to become a key supplier of renewable fuels in Europe. 

Now we have a lot of work to do focusing on this highly dynamic project in the coming years. It will address the implications of different energy transition pathways in the Nordics. This includes the requirements of different synthetic fuels including regulatory aspects of the power market, environmental regulation, and technological standardisation.

We and our partners aim to provide insights into:
– Hydrogen, ammonia, and e-fuel use in the global and Nordic energy systems. 
– Specific operation of energy hubs and ammonia facilities.
– Policy and regulatory instruments to ensure a smooth pathway.
– The role of ports to identify specific needs for technology and current barriers.

You can read more about the Nord_H2ub project here.