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This quarter’s newsletter focused on our new hydrogen projects. The Nord_H2ub project launched last month, and aims to develop a joint pathway for a hydrogen value chain in the Nordics. Alongside our partners from Denmark, Norway, and Finland, we will delivers insights into the characteristics of optimal production of hydrogen, ammonia, and other electrofuels, including cost and cost structures for production, storage, and transportation. It will also provide knowledge about demand side characteristics, such as volumes, locational distribution, and emissions. 

PtXMarkets is our newest project, launching in January. The overall objective of this project is to assess the market potential for hydrogen and green fuels and their implications for the European electricity market. The project develops a framework for technology operators and policymakers in Denmark to enable the plans of the Danish PtX strategy and the green fuel mission.

We are very excited by the potential in these projects, and will share updates as these projects progress. You can follow our newsletter from our homepage and our next one will be released at the end of Q1.

Happy Holidays from all of us at CSEI, and we look forward to sharing more research with you in 2024!